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Stimple & Ward Company is America’s oldest electric coil company manufacturing motor coils and control coils. Established in 1898 by two of George Westinghouse’s engineers, we have remained focused on the supply of high quality electric coils. Our products include electric coils for all types of motors, generators and control equipment, both AC and DC, for new equipment in heavy industry, power generation, power control, and transportation, as well as repair of that same equipment. Whether it’s for the subcontracting of production run coils for new OEM motors, generators and control equipment, the manufacture of replacement coils or the manufacture of coils for new designs & prototype development, we have over 100 years experience of success.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, (the heart of the American steel industry from 1879 – 1979 in what has become known in manufacturing circles as “the Pittsburgh Century”), we have developed a particular niche in the servicing of U.S. Steel Mills. Due to our historic connection to the steel industry, a prime user of DC equipment, we have amassed a tremendous amount of data and tooling for the manufacture of coils for mill motors and other DC equipment.

Conversely, our biggest orders in recent years have been for hundreds of sets of rotor coils and stator coils for new wind turbine generators. Thus, as a historic producer of DC coils or a futuristic producer of AC coils, you can’t go wrong in selecting Stimple & Ward.

Our Electric Coil Manufacturing Facilities

Stimple & Ward Company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, approximately eight miles north of downtown. Our electric coil manufacturing facility encompasses 20,000 square feet of manufacturing area and includes a wide variety of winding lathes, forming machines, insulating machines, ovens, furnaces, annealing and ancillary material handling equipment to produce a wide variety of large and small coil designs.

We also operate an additional 15,000 square foot facility in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania used in the manufacturing and distribution of magnet wire for electric coil making.

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