Custom Electric Coils & Specialty Coils

We love a challenge! Over the years, many unique designs have been brought to us, and through the efforts and teamwork of our staff have been successfully manufactured. So, send us your idea and let us work with you to bring it to fruition! No matter the size or shape, we are up to the challenge!

We Make Ordering Custom Coils Easy!

   To help you with quote requests for custom and specialty coils, we have created a downloadable PDF worksheet enabling you to designate all your specifications and parameters s using the edge wound worksheet. Simply download the form, fill it out and email or submit it on our contact form.

Control Application Coils

Electromagnetic Valve        Magnetic Gate Assembly      Electron Microscope         Control Coil                           Valve Control Coil                       Control Coils     

Contactor Coils

Brake Coil                            Contactor Coil                      Contactor Coil 

Blowout Coils

Choke Coil                     5 Turn  Blowout Coil                 Blowout Coil       

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If you have questions or would like to talk with an expert about our Custom Electric Coils, please click the contact form at the right or call us at 1-800-792-6457 or 412-364-5200 today.

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