Linear Motor Coils
Linear Induction and Linear Synchronous Motor Coils

Linear Induction and Linear Synchronous Motors are relatively new technologies which are finding widespread applications in numerous industries. Today linear motors both linear induction and synchronous motors can be found powering people movers, amusement rides and other transportation systems. Stimple & Ward Company has been involved in the research & design of linear motor coils for these types of apparatus for a number of years, and has developed the skills & manufacturing processes to efficiently produce these unique coil designs.

Typically linear motors use the same principles of rotary motors except that the coils are laid out side by side. The power is therefore delivered in a linear fashion rather than a rotating field, it uses the same stator coils used in a synchronous motor except they are positioned in a flat linear position.

Stimple and Ward manufacturers coils for linear motors including linear induction and linear synchronous motors using our proprietary process for making electric coils combined with our experience with linear motors. The result is a cost effective electric coil that will meet or exceed your requirements.

LInear Motor Coils Linear Coils Linear Motor Coil
Linear Motor Coils Linear Motor Coils Linear Motor Coil

Linear Motor Coils in Series

Linear Motor Coils in a Series

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