Auxiliary Generator Armatures & Field Coils

EMD Locomotive Auxiliary Motor Coils

Auxiliary generators are commonly used on locomotives to supply power to auxiliary devices on board including fans, brakes, etc. They are an important part of a locomotive’s electrical system and sometimes require replacement parts to keep them operating smoothly. Stimple and Ward has been manufacturing OEM replacement armatures, interpole coils, and field coils for a variety of machines for over 50 years. 

We specialize in coils for EMD locomotives like Grid Fan Motors and DC generators. We carry most coils in stock for same day shipment enabling you to keep your operations running.

EMD Part Numbers

 5532616  4996691
 5327728  5535462
 5385654  5331025
 1073428  3175391
 1073428  3175378
 0047389  3175380

EMD Part Numbers
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EMD Locomotive & Auxiliary Motor / Generator

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