Electric Motor Coil Data/RFQ Worksheets

Downloadable Worksheets to Configure Coil Products for Quote Requests 

Stimple and Ward is always working to improve our quality and customer service. We have created a suite of downloadable electric coil data sheets to help you configure your coil requirements for quotation. We have improved our data sheets by making them interactive PDF forms so that you can download an electric coil data sheet, complete it and submit the sheet online. You can also print the document and complete it in writing and fax it to us. 

Whichever method you choose, we believe these improved data sheets will make your job easier.

Download The PDFs You Need Below!

PDF Icon Armature Coils (Page 1)
Armature core and winding dimensional data
  PDF Icon  Armature Coils (Page 2)
  Armature coil lead connections diagram
PDF Icon  Armature Coils Complete Pages 1 & 2
 Armature core and winding dimensional data & coil lead connections.
  PDF Icon
 Equalizer coil data for DC motors & generators dimensional & lead   connection data.
PDF Icon  Field Coil (No Taper)
 Field coil data for shunt or series coil with straight sides
  PDF Icon  Field Coil (Tapered)
 Field coil data for shunt or series coil with tapered sides.
PDF Icon  Stator Coils
 Stator Coil core and winding dimensional data.
  PDF Icon
 Synchronous Field Coils
 Field coil data for synchronous machines, where coils are wound with   magnetic wire.
PDF Icon

 Edge Wound Coil (Rectangular Ends)
  For Coils where each turn is in the form of a box, 4 individual bends per   turn. For Example: DC Series Field, Edge Wound Synchronous Field)
  PDF Icon

 Edge Wound Coil (Rounded Ends)
 For Coils where each turn has a full 190 degree radius on each end i.e. 2 individual   bends per turn For Example: Interpole Coil, Edge Wound Synchronous Field.
PDF Icon
 Brake / Clutch Coil
 Data Sheet of Round Donut Shaped Coils such as those used in brake and clutch magnets.
  PDF Icon

  Other Field Coils (Non-Interactive PDF)
  General Data Sheet for all types of Field Coils. For Example:     Solenoids, Relays,     Contactors, etc.

Or Click here to download all of the data sheets as one large PDF

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