Stator Coils

The stator is the stationary component of an electric motor (made up of a coil of wire) inside a motor casing. The rotor is within the stator where a magnet or magnetic field spins creating an alternating current thus creating electrical power as an output.

Stimple & Ward manufacture stator coils for electric motors up to 7000 volts and with coil lengths up to 90". Coil insulation assemblies include Dipped & Baked and VPI types, as well as more detailed customer specified systems. Typical lead times are 3-4 days, with emergency 24-hour service available also. One set orders as well as production volumes are equally welcomed and efficiently processed.

Capabilities & Specifications

To 7000 V
 Overall Coil
   10" to 75"
 Maximum Coil
 Cross Section
 0.750" x 2.50"



   Dipped & Baked

Insulated with materials designed for this process, typically mica, Kapton, and or glass tapes or sheet materials. Dipped in Class F or H polyester resin and baked to cure. Coils are fully cured and require no further processing to achieve optimal physical and electrical properties. A very forgiving insulation system which is suitable for most AC & DC industrial machinery.

VPI Coils

Insulated with materials designed for this process, typically low binder mica, Nomex, and or glass tapes. Typically, sheet materials are not used in order to facilitate penetration of the VPI resin. Coils are supplied dry, uncured and require post-insertion vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) processing in order to achieve maximum physical and electrical properties. Well suited for harsher environments. Improved moisture resistance, heat transfer, and contamination resistance when impregnated with the proper resin system.



   Standard: Typically 3-4 days
 Rush: Typically 24-36 Hours

Stator Coils

Cured Coils (Left)  -  VPI Coils (Right)

Stator Coils

Coil Designs  

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To help you request a stator quote, we have created a downloadable PDF worksheet enabling you to designate all your specifications and parameters. Simply download the form, fill it out and email or submit it on our contact form.

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