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We manufacture all types of field coils and shunt coils for DC motors & generators, from 1 HP to 30,000 HP, and weighing 1 lb. to 2000 lbs. Shunt, Series, Stabilized Shunt, or Compound Wound. We have the experience & equipment to manufacture most any coil design in existence. We also manufacture interpole coils with a multitude of sizes, shapes, & designs, including edge-wound coils. We are your one-stop shop for 1 coil or 10,000 motor field coils.

Shunt Wound Field Coils

Shunt coils, characterized by a high turns count and relatively fine round (or rectangular) wire size, require special manufacturing techniques, such as precise placement of each turn. This process is termed layer-winding, and our people are highly skilled at it. Whether by means of hand winding, or by use of our computer controlled winding equipment, we can meet your exact requirements, for one coil, or several thousand coils.

Armature Images

Series Field Coil                          Shunt Coil                           Interpole Coil   

Rotor Coils

Shunt Wound Coils          Automatic Shunt Winding           Shunt Field Coils    

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Making RFQs Easy

To help you request a rotor quote, we have created a downloadable PDF worksheet enabling you to designate all your specifications and parameters. Simply download the form, fill it out and email or submit it on our contact form.

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